Services by Rabbi Block
Interfaith and Jewish services for all times of life

Rabbinic Services

Naming Ceremonies

The first step in the introduction to Jewish life is receiving a Hebrew name. Each child's journey is unique, and Rabbi Block is happy to offer guidance in preparing and conducting this first important service. Whether in a Temple, private home or other location, he will provide the information you will need to officially welcome your child to the Jewish Faith. Contact the Rabbi for more information!

B'Nai Mitzvah

The move from childhood to becoming an adult is an important occasion in Jewish life. It is marked with celebration, joy and coming to the Torah. Young Bar and Bat Mitzvah students need help with preparing for this special event. Rabbi Block is happy to offer guidance, provide tutoring, and conduct services to make this special day a success that they will treasure as they transition to adulthood as a member of the Jewish community. Contact the Rabbi for more information!


As young adults move along the path of Jewish life, Confirmation can be an important step in reaffirming their commitment to life in the Jewish faith. Contact Rabbi Block for more information about how you can work to achieve this milestone.


The happiness of a wedding cannot be denied, nor should God's blessing. Contact Rabbi Block for more information about Jewish, Interfaith and GLBT services, or visit his other website,

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